Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Organization 101: Texting and Google Calendar

I just noticed a CNN article from yesterday titled, "Texting May Help Teens Remember Meds." Texting is often blamed as a distraction in education. This article clearly shows a great use of texting that is helpful for students. Why aren't we using text messaging more as a way to organize our children? Many of the students in my school have cell phones with text messaging plans. How can we effectively use this tool to help kids.

One way that I have started to use this technology to keep myself organized is to send myself text messages from my Google Calendar. To use your text message enabled mobile phone with your Google Calendar you must register it with Google. Check out these simple instructions on how to register your mobile phone for your Google Calendar. Once you have registered your mobile phone you can use it as a reminder for events in your calendar. Standard text charges will apply. Check with your carrier for text charges.

When I add an event now I can choose "SMS" as an option (see below). This will make my Google Calendar send me a text message at a given interval prior to the event occuring (in this example I chose 30 minutes). I do this for important meetings, events and more. It has really helped me with organization and being punctual with meetings and important events (like Mom's birthday). Let me know in the comments any further ways you might see this technlogy being helpful for teachers and students.

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