Friday, April 18, 2008

K12 Online Conference "More Than Cool Tools" Keynote

All three presenters in this session provided great insight to some of the tools available in our Web 2.0 world and the benefits of their use. I particularly found Alan Levine's piece of tremendous use for me. Alan Levine shared his "50 Ways to Tell the Dominoe Story" in this presentation. What a great resource! I will be using this resource with teachers that are looking to use some of these tools in their classrooms as well as my course for pre-service elementary education teachers at Saint Joseph's College.

I have used some of the tools Alan describes in the past but really enjoyed seeing some examples of the other resources I was not familiar with. Digital Storytelling is a topic many of the teachers I work with are interested in. This will provide them and their students many ways to demonstrate their work. It is particularly useful that Alan included notes on each tool.

I find myself trying to get more and more of the work that I do, as well as my students and colleagues, online in places where they may be shared. I have found GoogleDocs and Wikispaces to be great tools for this. I have moved my "Technology In Education" course from WebCT to a Wikispace wiki. All of my students at SJC do their course reflections and more on blogs hosted by Uniblogs. It is amazing to see how the students react to comments that occasionally come in from people they are writing about. It creates some tremendous teachable moments for them as they see how the power of RSS truly shrinks their world.

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